Istanbul in 8 days

What to do

in 8 days?

It all began  departing from Bordeaux towards Tunis, we discovered Istanbul for a stopover, it was a favorite so we decided  to visit the city in 8 days and frankly we were  very pleasantly surprised.

The question everyone asks is "what am I going to be able to do in 8 days?" 

As for  many people,  the first question that comes to mind is "what am I going to be able to do in 8 days without wasting time?". Time is precious when we wish to visit  a city, a country...  We found  lots of good  plans for you!!!

- How to visit  the city at a lower cost  with public transport, good plan or not?

- How to visit  the different museums without  ruin and without being blocked  in the queue for hours.

- What are the activities  that we did for 8 days  .

- What activities to do when it rains.

- Or  eat without breaking the bank in the hyper center, (good or not good?)

- What organization we had with our young children.  

meilleur choix

Elysium Hotel  

Or  to sleep?

Sometimes we can be very disagreeable  surprised  of  wonderful hotel we have  reserved  on the Internet . We tested  4 different hotels in the city of Istanbul, 4 hotels 4 different prices, 4 different types of services. 

Elysium Hotel  

Rayé rouge étoile
Rayé rouge étoile
Rayé rouge étoile
Rayé rouge étoile
Rayé rouge étoile

   We had made a reservation for 1 night in this magnificent hotel, 100% service, a porter at our disposal, staff who speak French, impeccable hygiene and a really top-notch room finish. Following a problem with the reservation, the hotel upgraded us  and gave us a duplex.


appartements Icône
Meilleur prix

68€/ night

instead of 135€/ night

   An apartment not far from the center of Istanbul, an apartment very well placed.

   You have the possibility of being able to move on foot it is about 20 minutes or 600 meters from the city center about (300m) on foot from the great blue mosque  , St Sophia's Basilica, Topkapi Palace etc...

Attention it is often full so do not forget to do it in advance.

Blue mosque apartment

   An apartment not far from the center of Istanbul, an apartment very well placed.

   You have the ability to move  on foot it is about 20 minutes or 600 meters from the city center,  about 300m  to  foot of the great blue mosque  , St Sophia's Basilica, Topkapi Palace etc...

Attention,  it is often full so don't forget to plan ahead.

25€/ night for 4 people

appartements Icône


If there is one thing that is inadmissible, it is to be taken under class without being compensated  !!!

   When you book your hotel on the internet it asks you for a photo of your credit card (something that we refused), the fact of not having sent the photo of my card, the reservation is not validated and when we arrived the room we have reserved for was rented. The hotel gave us  given  a very low-end room for one night, when the next morning we asked for a one-night reduction  oddly   he didn't understand  plus our language (French, English, Arabic) and our card was already debited!!!



Ottoman Elegance

33€/ night for 4 people

   We can say that this hotel is well placed in relation to the center of interest of the city of Istanbul. It is about a 25-minute walk from the city center but be careful you must have good shoes because it is in a very steep area.

   You will not be able to recover by public transport to go to town, the only transport possible in this area and the taxi.


   -This hotel has the advantage of having a children's playground near a station 3 minutes away on foot.

   -Breakfast and very copious and at will, a terrace is available for lunch outside in peace.  



38€/ night for 4 people

appartements Icône
meilleur choix


Rayé rouge étoile
Rayé rouge étoile
Rayé rouge étoile


The hotel has  summer  a real favorite for us for several reasons.

- Its location:  it is 20 minutes walk from the center of Istanbul, are access to public transport, city bus, metro, private bus, taxi. 

- Hotel service:  The service and really at the top, a friendly, caring and available staff. The hotel provided us with a travel cot for our 20 month old son. A REAL PLUS!!! 

-Breakfast:  An all-you-can-eat breakfast is offered by  the establishment you will find salty, sweet, hot, cold ect....

-The view from our room:  From our room we were lucky enough to have a view of the Grand Blue Mosque and at night it was definitely worth it.

  We found  Nothing negative about this establishment.

Our activities


The city of Istanbul and a busy city  of history that has  success  to make a nice mix between modernity  and tradition, You can visit  the city all in you  cultivating. Through the different activities we did we were able to spend  a good time while cultivating ourselves. Discover below the different activities that we did as a family.

We are going to start by giving you a tip that will save you money but also time because you don't have to wait in line.  To do. The city of Istanbul offers visitors a pass that allows you to visit no less than 7 museums, this pass is valid for 5 days.

  more info on the  pass.



The science and arts museum named  Islamic is really exciting when one is interested in medical science, the science of astrology, mechanical and hydraulic science. You will be able to see the different tools used at the time by doctors, astrologers, mechanics and others  we have been  surprised at the evolution of science in  that time, which is why we really recommend this museum.



The museum  history, science and technology  of islam

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Topkapi Palace is a simply magnificent place, you will find an architecture that dates back to 1459 but which has undergone several modifications and enlargements over time. He was  transformed  in museum in 1921. To know all the history, you will find all the links.                           Click here

Visits to the palace do not have a mandatory meaning, you can walk where  good seems to you in the different places of this place  huge and loaded  of history. If you have the 5 day pass the entrance  at the harem will be included in your pass otherwise you will have to pay a supplement.  

Large green spaces will allow you to rest  for a nap, a bit of reading, to eat or have fun with your children in a play area dedicated to that.

Click on the link below for more information on prices, opening hours and days etc...

Topkapi Palace

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The Basilica of Saint Sophia

  The Hagia Sophia and a magnificent and very impressive building, however  like most monuments in Turkey right now (2018)  there is a lot of work so it is impossible to take pictures inside without having scaffolding in the middle of the frame but also the influx of tourists.

   This basilica has  summer  modified into a mosque in the 15th century but despite this modification this basilica which became a mosque has  guarded  Christian paintings and frescoes. Since 1934 this Mosque has become a museum.


   The visit gave us  took about 40 minutes for a queue of about 1:30 .... But we did not have to wait as much because we had the museum pass.

   This tour is worth it if you have the  pass and you don't have to wait in line otherwise it's a long wait for not much.


Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

The Museum of Turkish Arts and Islam is really a museum not to be missed, I would even say it is the first museum you have to visit  when you arrived. This museum is really about  its name "art museum", you will find everything related to the art of this time (pottery, clocks, Coran of size, pillars with period engravings, joinery with all kinds of decorations etc...) you will even have the chance to see a piece of fabric that covers the  Kaaba (this black velvet fabric woven with gold). The visit has  duration around 1h30 taking the time to read the different explanations.

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Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

Mosaic Museum

The mosaic museum is a small museum that highlights mosaics discovered in 1930. This museum is nice  and you can discover  very very large mosaics that illustrate life in the old days, you can see scenes with animals, scenes of everyday life etc....

Visiting this museum takes approximately  30 quiet minutes.  If you are passionate  of mosaics, it can be  very interesting, personally we found it  pretty average.