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I am a French professional videographer photographer I work to date with the largest French companies the real estate photographer

We work on business communication on several axes:  

Social networks : they are now an exceptional communication tool, through various partnerships with companies, we make our entire audience available to increase their visibility.

Real estate photography and video: through a partnership, we are at your disposal in order to take photos, videos within your company so that you can use it as you wish.

Hotel, guest house, Holiday Village, airline, business, there is tourist activity and much more. 

Product placement is test :

Through a partnership, we have the possibility for you to communicate on your products how brands. We can make photos, videos, but also video tutorials. About the use and benefits of your products.

Visual communication on our vehicle:

Through a partnership, you have the possibility of exploiting the visibility that we have in each country when we travel with our motorhome.  Indeed, depending on the destination we choose, we leave with our magnificent motorhome from 1986. The advantage of such a vehicle is that it attracts a lot of attention so you will have the possibility of increasing your communication and your visibility through our vehicle.


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