A trip at 323€ for 4 people all inclusive

Morocco is one of the destinations that has  the most seduced here are the 5 reasons that make  that we fell in love with.


   - The prices of plane tickets: for example we paid 10€  round trip from Bordeaux


   - The climate  is relatively warm throughout the year except for the summer period.  December to  February.


   - The welcome is something that particularly touched us  because we have been  welcomed to  open arms without restraint on the part of Moroccans.


   - Moroccan landscapes are all more beautiful  from each other, we pass from a desert landscape, arid, to  a landscape rich in colors and vegetation


   The cleanliness

   -  We were really pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness  towns where  we passed. Ouarzazate, Imlil, and a large part of the atlas


Or  did we sleep  ?


The Ecolodge is a camping hotel located at  approximately  15 minutes from Ouarzazate airport by car. This hotel can be both practical for its proximity to the airport but it can also be a real haven of peace for resting by the pool or in one of the hammocks provided.  our disposal. Like us, you will have the chance to be greeted with a big smile and a welcome mint tea. This hotel is a real favorite  even though we stayed there  only two nights...  




The welcome and the sympathy  Staff  of this hotel is really up to our expectations, a smiling staff, friendly with children, very welcoming and caring for the customers.



Hygiene is paramount when taking a room for one night and we were  very satisfied  the cleanliness of our room.


- A swimming pool is available to customers which is rather pleasant when the weather is      warm.

- Bikes are available for hire.

- Hammocks are available for lounging with a good book in the sun.

- A small farm with animals.


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There aren't any, the only downside is that the toilets are outside the room, which in itself isn't a problem....except when it's 5 degrees outside.


THE Gîte Imi-ouglade

This cottage has  was a real favorite, not because we stayed in a 5-star hotel but above all for the simplicity of the host who welcomed us, a real, simple and could not be more friendly person. This cottage offers a room with a maximum capacity of 7 people at 6€  the night with breakfast. A room with plenty of space, extra blankets in case of cold.  A bathroom and toilet are outside the room. A very generous and served breakfast  in the morning we have juice, omelet, bread, jam, coffee, tea, chocolate  with milk, spread etc....

  This accommodation is really for people who have a small budget (6€/night for 7 people) but also people who are looking for Moroccan authenticity,  while staying with the locals. Hamid, the host of this gîte is a qualified mountain guide who offers a multitude of activities around the gîte MORE INFO HERE; It is with great confidence that we recommend this accommodation. 




Hamid is a very simple and genuinely friendly person. A person who offers more than he has. We arrived late at night and it was with a smile, tea  and a Berber omelette which we were welcomed.



With a price of 6€  /night it's hard to find more competitive  in price but (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A 5 STAR HOTEL)


- hiking  pedestrian

- hiking  on skis

- hiking  by bike

- visit for people with reduced mobility 

- hiking  over several days



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The negative point of this cottage is the bathroom outside,   instead  small, the  hot water pressure  very weak .

Our means of transport

True freedom on a trip begins with the means of transport and the best  way to enjoy  of each place when you want, and where you want is to have a car. The two major problems that prevent us from renting a vehicle are obviously THE DEPOSIT AND THE RECEPTION OF THE VEHICLE AFTER THE TRIP. Who has never sweated  returning the vehicle and saying "I hope it will go well and that they will return my deposit...." Good news, we have found a company that rents vehicles that is very very serious, honest, cheap and   NO DEPOSIT TO GIVE !!!!  The Rayanocars company provided us with a vehicle in perfect condition, a Ford fiesta  with few kilometers.

A company that we recommend without hesitation  !!!!

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For our first day, we were lucky to have an early morning flight which allowed us not to lose

of  time to start our activities, for this trip we aim  to see the landscape, so as soon as the car is picked up at the airport and the papers signed, here we are  went directly to the hotel to ask  Our things.

Direction the mountains and the Moroccan landscapes. Once the business was done, we headed  the

mountains because we wanted to climb. So first mountain found here we are  already parked and

ready to ride. We took the time to go up but especially the time to go down because the descent was much more

dangerous than the climb. Here we go again  at nightfall, we have this chance to contemplate  a bed of

magnificent sun with a temperature close to 20 degrees, it was  a magic moment, a moment when  it is not necessary to speak but simply to                             breathe. Here we are  towards our hotel when on the road we see a market  at night, in less than 5 minutes                            here we are in the middle of hundreds of people who sell vegetables, fruits, clothes,  cotton candy and also                                    popcorn, a magical atmosphere where  trade and meeting place mix. In the evening the city is very lively and everything                                   open late,   we take the opportunity to eat at  outside in the city center of Ouarzazate where  we tasted a                                   excellent roast chicken on a spit (a meal that cost us no more than 8€  for 4 with drinks and fries) after a                               busy day  here we are  returned,  ready for  a good night from  sleep to attack  the second day.


our second day

After a good night and a very hearty breakfast in our hotel Ecolodge la Palmeraie, here we are  ready for

our expedition to Imlil via the Atlas Mountains.  Leaving from Ouarzazate you have  of them

different routes, the first towards Marrakech and the second towards Agadir. To go we

choose direction Marrackech through Agouim, Touflhit, Tamazouzte, Sidi Faress Asni and finally Imlil. We 

we were lucky enough to be able to eat in an altitude restaurant with a view of the mountains, this restaurant is located

  at the Tichka pass  to  2260m and we eat very very well for not very expensive. Once our belly is full we

let's get back on the road because we have no less than 5h30  road  mountainous to do... On our way we are lucky to find snow which 


is really incredible because 1h00 before we were under 25°. The children take the opportunity to make a snowman, throw a few balls, a moment of relaxation and fun for the children because it is very important for them to be able to let off steam.  during the road. Then we drive again and again passing villages more beautiful than each other. We have often been told about the Atlas Mountains but we did not expect such a spectacle, a grandiose spectacle due to its diversity but also its beauty, its colors, and the architecture, it was a total change of scenery, with a feeling of freedom  total. After around 7h00 of road in the mountains here we are  arrived  at night in Imlil in Hamid's lodge, where  we are welcomed with open arms, with a big smile of welcome. At this time  we haven't eaten, we are hungry and tired, just arrived Hamid offers me to accompany him to  the mosque to do our evening prayers. Here I am  left  with him, in total darkness without even  have spoken to him before, I make him  trust, I am, then here we are  arrived  to  the mosque, all  the faithful are present for the prayer and welcome me with a big smile, we have never seen each other but I feel  a sense of benevolence in their  glance. We say our prayers then we go home where  he prepares us a welcome Berber omelette  (it's good we are hungry and tired). This is how our second day ends. 

our third day

                              After a short lie-in, it is with great surprise that we discover the breakfast that Hamid has given us.                               prepared, you can find coffee, milk, chocolate, honey, jam, fresh bread, omelette etc.... and after  have good                                lunch we take the road towards Ouarzazate; but leaving this time in the direction of Agadir and it is with                                a lot of surprise that we discover a totally different landscape from the one we took on the way, a                                     landscape that really makes us think  to the American desert, with red earth and very dense and very green vegetation.                                   This route is much simpler to  ride that road that we took to  the outward journey, a less damaged road and                                       slightly less dangerous even if the roads  of the Atlas remains very dangerous roads. The landscapes are still incredible, we meet every  two kilometers  at the edge of the road to take advantage of the panoramas                                     breathtaking  which makes our trip even more amazing.

   We stop in a village lost in the middle of the mountains  to eat where  we taste meat skewers cooked on the barbecue and  a chicken tagine, an incredibly good dish... As on the outward journey, the road is still quite long but as on the outward journey, the landscapes are so incredible that in the end everyone takes pleasure in crossing the Atlas. In the evening, we return to the first hotel we took  first day  "Ecolodge la Palmeraie" and we took over this  hotel for two reasons:   the first is that we really liked the hotel and really meets our expectations and the second reason is that this hotel and  15 minutes drive from the airport.  

   We are on the road and the night begins to fall  and we take the opportunity to test the hotel restaurant, on the road we make a quick phone call to the hotel and our table is reserved  in less than two minutes. Arrived  at the hotel at  8:30 p.m., our table set  awaits us and the smiling staff too and as the reputation says "we eat like kings with top service  and a quality of meal served at the top."

After more than 7 hours of driving in the middle of the mountains, fatigue is very present and the dodo is calling us.


Our fourth  day


For our fourth and last day we take the time to have lunch and enjoy our last morning  in Morocco.  Our plane  takes off at  10 a.m. and we have the car at  get to the airport before leaving, the appointment is scheduled for 9:00 am to return the car, so here we are  left  at 8.45 a.m. to be there at the scheduled time. Once arrived  on site, we are joined by the person who rented us  the car we take a little ride  of the vehicle, a tight wrist and here we are  section for check-in at the counter  boarding, everything is going very very quickly and very well.  You should know that Ouarzazate airport has  a single boarding gate and two check-in counters so don't panic, there is no risk of getting lost.


What to say about our  4 day trip, it was a simply perfect trip, we aim to cross the Atlas Mountains and we can say that it was done. We might have liked to do a short hike in the mountains of Imlil but that will be for next time.  What can I say about this country except that it is simply stunning its people and simply awesome. So some would say that 4 days is not a lot and it's true but we spent 4 intense days, 4 days of discovery and above all 4 days of sharing, exchanges  but also pure happiness. We can only recommend that you take the same trip as us and why not follow the same route as us because, clearly, "it's a safe bet!!"  




Ecolodge the palm grove

2 nights 

The Ecolodge la palmeraie hotel is a camping hotel 15 minutes from Ouarzazate airport.

From :



Cottage at Hamid's

1 night

A cottage in the middle of the mountains, many activities around the cottage.

From :

6€/ night


Car rental

Price for 4 days

For car rental with mileage  unlimited and well-maintained vehicles

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