About Us

Green Juices

Hi, how about we talk about us?

We are from a family of globetrotters passionate about the journey of discovery and meeting new worlds and new people.


Me, I'm Tony, I'm the dad and I'm a professional videographer, it's me who takes all the photos, all the videos and it's me who writes all the articles for the blog.

Me, it's Karima, I'm a carer, I'm passionate about travel and discovery and it's me who finds all the good deals and it's me who organizes all the trips._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Me 'it's Tasnym since my birth just like my brother, I travel around the world, I discover new landscapes and I discover new cultures, the trip makes me grow, the trip makes me think, but especially the trips me make happy.

Me, it's Souleymane, I've been traveling since my very birth and in my mother's womb, I was already crossing the deserts in Africa in an old car which was a Ford K, me when traveling, I like to run, jumping, laughing, but above all, I love walking in the mountains.